Holiday Makers' Market

Banner image of stylized text on illustrated snowflakes, winter plants, and winter holiday decor with blue background. Mimi's Attic Holiday Makers' Market

In the Winter of 2021, Mimi's Attic hosted our first Holiday Makers' Market. We wanted to make it easy for our community to shop and support local artists and artisans during the winter holiday season. We also wanted to extend our platform to additional Local Makers who aren't featured in the store year-round, but whose wares are perfect for gifts and special occasions. As you can imagine, we had so much fun that we made it an annual event!

2023 Holiday Makers' Market

Our 3rd Annual Holiday Makers' Market will run throughout the months of November and December 2023 at Mimi's Attic

The first batch of items from our Makers is already available!

2023 Seasonal Makers

We have a great lineup of creators joining us for the holiday season this year:

  • Makayla Corrigan
    Hello my name is Makayla, I am a writer, illustrator, and multi-media artist. My work is frequently inspired by the whimsical surrealism found in fairytales around the world, as well as my dreams, my favorite films, and my cat.
  • Little Ram Bakery
    Little Ram Bakery is a one woman bakery taking inspiration from the flavors of her childhood in the Dominican Republic and NYC
  • Seneca Handwoven
    I have been a hand weaver for many years and love to use recycled fabrics or fibers in my rag rubs. All my rugs have new cotton warps for strength. The wefts are from recycled textiles that would otherwise end up in landfills. I use primarily recycled cotton, but do use some wool when quality is available. All recycled textiles are washed/dried before being cut into “rags” to use in my rugs. I love giving quality used textiles a new long life.
  • Upcycled Lamps by Jon Jensen
    Jon Jensen is retired from 40 years in private philanthropy, environment and nonprofit management. Most recently he was Executive Director of the Park Foundation in Ithaca. He resides in Danby with his wife Mary Lee "Mel" Jensen children and and a dog.
  • Art by Ellie
    I started painting at 64. It’s not easy to start something from scratch as you hit “the golden years” but I’m here to tell you that, not only is it possible, but it’s a journey that can change your life. My years of working on style and technique have filled my days with the joy of creating. I’m an example of one who says it’s never too late to begin something new. Some of my paintings are whimsical little ladies, while others are images of flowers captured in full bloom. Sharing them with you is my pleasure. Enjoy.
  • Susan Sitaraman
    I stumbled onto dot painting on YouTube after moving to Ithaca in 2021. It turned out to be a calming, almost meditative activity for me. I enjoy finding the stones of various shapes, exploring color combinations and designs, rarely repeating. Recently I have been using tile as a base for a decorative magnet.
  • Sophie Becraft Art
    I am an Ithaca based artist creating work primarily with paint and digital mediums. In my art, I often create unique worlds and atmospheres with the female figure as my subject. Finding inspiration in everything, texture, and color is critical to my process and the evolution of my work. Leaving elements of my pieces unrefined, I seek otherworldly settings that represent how I mentally build and deconstruct spaces.

We'll keep you posted as additional Makers are added!