BlueBassoon Handmade

Cathryn Gaylord, the Feral Faerie Queen behind BlueBassoon Handmade, is a professional bassoonist turned apple farmer and cider maker.

She has always loved creating with her hands and her passions for authenticity and self love drive her artistic vision.

Growing up in Vermont, she spent her early days romping in the woods and marveling at the endless variety and fierceness of nature.

During her musical training, she learned how humans use art to create their own magic and to express their unique perception of the world.

With BlueBassoon, Cathryn melds these two formative experiences to reflect the magic that she finds in nature, her hedonistic love for color, and to share her sense of delight and wonder with others.

She specializes in creating wearable dopamine in the form of ultra comfortable statement earrings (scrupulously tested and approved by her own very cranky earlobes). Every single piece is designed and carefully finished to give YOU, dear wearer, an extra skip in your step every time you put them on.

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