Rachel Feirman

Photo of smiling young woman with light skin and brown shoulder-length hair. She is in front of a painted mural and has her arms outstretched upwards.

Rachel Feirman is a digital illustrator and muralist located in Upstate NY. She finds inspiration most often from the beauty and vibrancy found in her natural surroundings. Rachel hopes that her twists on the many aspects of our environment help to bring a newfound appreciation to your life.

Her various outlets of creativity include making digitally illustrated artworks, acrylic paintings, and linocut carvings. Currently, she enjoys digital art the most due to the accessibility of creating on the go and using the endless tools available to her. Rachel draws on her wide range of experience for her work in logo design, book illustration, public art, surface design, and more. She currently works side-by-side with her partner Zachary and their dog Frankie from her home studio.

Learn more about Rachel Feirman's art at rachelfeirman.com, and follow @rachelradishart on Instagram or Rachel Feirman - Nature Inspired Art on Facebook.