Brigh the Witch

Brighit May, Intuitive Witch, Multimedia Artist, and Queer Trans Woman

Truly embodying the term Muti-Hyphenate, Brighit is a woman of many Talents and Skills. Certainly you can see the Earrings, Keychains, and Stickers she's created before you, but did you know she's also written Guides for Numerology, Astrology, and Witchcraft, Created a totally original Rune Set, and Offers Readings utilizing Tarot, Astrology, and Human Design?

If any of these Offerings interest you, if you want to see more of her Work, or if you want to book a Reading, you can go to her Etsy @BrighThewitch, or her Instagram @Brigh_the_Witch

Asked why she makes Art, Brighit says, "Why do Seagulls Fly like Kites in Heavy Winds? Why do Frogs gather and croak at Night? Why do Songbirds Sing? Because it fulfills our imperative as Living Beings: to Share our Energy with those around us and to Experience the Fullness of Life. To Create Art is to ler your Soul be Seen and for some that may be Scary, but I strive to Embrace my Fear, Choose Joy, and Keep my Practice Going, every day I Can!!"

Asked about why she makes Jewelry, Brighit said, "When I first began transitioning, I wanted to wear earrings and rings and jewelry, but most of what I found either didn't fit me, wasn't that cute, or was too expensive so I began creating my own. I started with Metal wire and crystals and found objects, making an assortment of rings and earrings for myself.

"Years later, I was incidentally introduced to Acrylic by a dear friend. I really love Acrylic for its Vivid Color and its ability to create consistent, replicable Designs. It makes it much easier to share my Beautiful, Fun, and Exciting Designs with the World!!"

Asked about what inspires her artistically, Brighit said, "Back at the end of 2021, I experienced a vision of a Black and White Planet being twisted and twisted until it burst into all of the Colors of the Rainbow. From that point on, I made it a Point in my life to Live and Create in Bright, Joyous Color!!

"I'm really inspired by Trees and Natural Areas, by Clouds and Sunsets, by Animals and Crystals and Buildings. Anywhere there's an Abundance of Vivid Tones, I Find Joy and Inspiration!! Thank goodness I live in the Community that I do!"