String Greens

headshot photo of light-skinned woman with long brown hair and glasses, wearing a black casual top and positioned in front of library card catalogue drawers

Eisha loves plants, and has a habit of picking up interesting leaves, pods, sticks, and berries and displaying them around her home. She also loves miniatures. As a child, she enjoyed making little rugs and magazines and stuff to outfit her dollhouse. Not too long ago, she saw a crocheted hanging plant made for a rearview mirror, and wanted one - but she wanted to make it herself, and she wanted it to look real. So she learned some macramé knots, found some fake fern fronds in a clearance bin and some tiny clay pots, and put it all together. It turned out so cute, she had to make more. She enjoys challenging herself to make different realistic looking tiny faux plants by cutting, carving, gluing, painting, and drawing on regular-sized fake foliage. The macramé is done by hand with crochet thread: size 3 for the 1:6 scale plants, size 10 for 1:12 scale, and often incorporates wooden beads.

If you'd like something custom-made, please reach out:, and @string.greens on Instagram.