Frequently Asked Questions

We take a variety of furniture, home decor, household items, and vintage clothing. Please visit the Sell with Us page for more information.

We do not currently offer these services. We are currently looking into partnerships that will allow us to seamlessly offer moving services to our wonderful clients! Please feel free to ask for referrals or recommendations from our staff at time of purchase.  

Both! Most items in the store are consignment items. Smaller, less expensive items are purchased from the seller directly.

BOR stands for "buy outright." BOR items are items that we have purchased directly from the seller and resell, rather than putting them on consignment. BOR items are usually smaller, less expensive items such as dishes, glassware, decor, utensils, etc... Look for items that have a small price sticker and no barcode!

Is everything in the store available for purchase online? No, our small BOR items, some of our clothing selection, and some local maker products are only available in store or for purchase over the phone.

Because items are available both in-store and online, they can be purchased either way at any time. For this reason we are not able to hold items.
We offer shipping on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to have an item shipped to you, please contact us for a shipping quote. Be sure to  inquire about shipping before making your purchase, as we do not do refunds or returns.
No, prices are not negotiable as prices are set with approval from the consignors. However, items on consignment are discounted after they have been in the store for a month.
No, we do not offer a discount for purchasing multiple items.
Items are previously owned, so differences in price might reflect differences in condition. Additionally, we negotiate prices with each consignor individually, so despite being similar to each other, items may have come from different consignors who agreed to different sale prices.
No. Our Intake Specialists price items with the current condition in mind, so damage/wear that they've found in their inspection has already been accounted for in the price. For transparency, we also try to note any significant defects in the item descriptions and photos so that you can purchase in person or online with confidence.
We do not allow for returns or refunds, but we may agree to reconsign an item.