Cozy Cat Creek

It started with three young children, nine cats, ("Mommy, can we keep all of the kittens?") and those golden summer evenings.


Watching lilacs, then irises, peonies, roses, lavender, and daylilies blossom was pure delight, and the scents kept me outside each evening.


Flowers segued into vegetables as squash, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cantaloupe and honeydew blossomed and grew into tiny fruit... like magic.

Then... yes, bee hives! The hum of 100,000 bees buzzing and pollinating all the blossoms added another dimension to our evening strolls around the yard.

Yes, the learning curve has been steep. I've learned varroa mites and mice can be as destructive to a hive as bears and raccoons. There were years of great honey production, and years when weather patterns decreased bee output dramatically. Early years when I harvested too much honey, or not enough (robber bees!).


It's all been grand... and you'll find me, and the cats, walking at Cozy Cat Creek.