CAF Agency

Creative AF Agency 


Mimi's Attic has partnered with Avelyn FitzGerald to offer in-house resources to our Local Makers. We believe that, in the words of Sen. Paul Wellstone, "we all do better when we all do better". Our makers are incredibly talented and hard working people, and we feel uncommonly fortunate to share their work in our store. As we considered our own desires for the growth trajectory of Mimi's, we imagined our makers have similar dreams. Well, we do have a marketing professional on staff who happens to be an artist and designer to boot! In the spirit of mutual beneficence, we thought why not do more for our makers by connecting them to Ave?



Avelyn has worked in the digital marketing sphere since 2013. After a few years in a Silicon Valley start up, she ran away screaming and has been working with small business owners ever since. She believes that every business is part of the larger ecosystem of the community that it serves. "No one stands alone. We are all interconnected whether or not we see it. It's my job to help people see the connection and communicate the value of it."



Our Local Makers have the value aspect down pat! For whatever else they may need, Ave will be on call to help sort it out. It's hard work running a business (speaking from experience!), but with the right people in your corner it can be a little bit easier; leaving a little more room for that gorgeous creativity to flow!     

Not a Mimi's Maker, but keen for a little business therapy? Reach out to Avelyn directly at to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.