Sell With Us

How it Works:

If you are interested in consigning an item, please email photos of your item to our buyers. CLICK HERE to send us an email


  • Appointments are encouraged, but not required. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (607) 882-9039

  • All items should be clean, in good condition and free of odors such as smoke, pets, storage, etc.

  • Smaller items should be brought in a cardboard box or bag.

  • When you’re ready to sell with us, come to Unit 8 of 401 Elmira Road, and pull in parallel to the curb.

  • Always check in with the intake team in Unit 8 before unloading your items.
  • If you cannot move something on your own, please bring someone along, such as a family member, roommate, partner, or other hired help. If you're unable to bring someone along to lift heavy items, please let us know so we can make arrangements to have staff available to assist you.

  • Items that we pass on will be returned to you right away.
Please Note: Items that arrive at Mimi's disassembled are subject to assembly/repair fees at the rate of $60/hr billed in 5 minute increments. Please discuss assembly requirements with the buyers and/or delivery person.

    What to Sell:

    We are selectively accepting furniture on consignment and housewares and décor that would sell for $20 or more. When deciding what to take in, we consider style, function, condition, what we already have in inventory,  and how well we think the items will sell in our market.

    We are looking for:


    • Sofas, Loveseats, & Futons
    • Dressers, Chest of Drawers, & Bureaus
    • Bookcases, Shelves, & Small Cabinets
    • Entryway Benches & Tables
    • Kitchen Islands & Carts
    • End Tables
    • Daybeds, Loft Beds, Bunk Beds
    • Sets of 4 Dining Chairs


    • Area Rugs 8’ x 6’ or Smaller


    • KitchenAid & Stand Mixers
    • Everyday Glassware & Mugs
    • French Press and Pour Over Coffee Style Makers
    • Cookware (Stovetop, Mixing Bowls, Cutting Boards, etc)

    Colors and Styles That Sell Well

    • Bright Vibrant Colors, Classic Neutrals
    • Mid Century Modern Style Furniture
    • Scandinavian Style Furniture
    • Lighter weight furniture - good for apartments!
    • Contemporary clean-line furniture
    • Arts & Crafts / Mission


        We are being selective with:


        • Large Desks
        • Large Dining Tables
        • Blankets
        • Pairs of Dining Chairs
        • Spring Decor

        While we do take in these items, we're very selective about the ones we bring into the store, so please check with us before bringing them in.


        We are not currently accepting:

        • China & Curio Cabinets (larger than 50”W x 72”H)
        • Rugs & Runners over 8’ x 6’
        • Patio/Outdoor Furniture
        • Any Items In Need of Repair (No Project Pieces)
        • Tilt-Top Tables & Pub Tables
        • Double-Pedestal Dining Tables
        • Hardwired Hanging Lamps (add a plug & it’s fine!)
        • Single Dining Chairs
        • Linens NOT New in Package (Including: Curtains, Tablecloths, Napkins, Placemats, etc.)
        • Metal Filing Cabinets
        • Sewing Machines & Tables
        • Baby/Infant/Toddler Furniture
        • Head & Footboards, Bed Frames
        • Winter or Winter Holiday Decor
        • Modern Clothing (2004 or Newer)
        • Children’s Clothing

        For more information, just ask! We're happy to answer any questions you might have about selling via phone, email, or in person.


        Now Booking Appointments* for 2023

        • Vintage Clothing
          • 1960’s through 1990’s
          • In Good Condition
          • All Adult Sizes

         *Currently limited to 30 pieces of clothing per hour-long appointment. Limit 1 appointment per day per client

        Pricing & Payment:

        We typically consign furniture , kitchen appliances, and items that we would price for $20 or more.  Our Intake Specialists will work with you to find a selling price that feels right to you and will work in our market. Our consignment period is 60 days and you are paid after your consignment items sell. You will receive 40% of the selling price in check or 50% in store credit

        Buying Outright
        We are selectively buying small items such as dishes and décor “outright”. Rather than the items going on consignment, the seller receives 30% of what we expect to sell the items for in a check or 40% in store credit upfront.

        If you are leaving Central New York, we may also be able to buy your furniture “outright”. Please reach out to our Intake team to discuss these arrangements ahead of time.

        Out-of-Season items may also be purchased outright, though our offer will reflect the additional costs of storage. 


        Photo of a man in a black "Mimi's Attic" t-shirt standing in the back of an empty moving truck.

        Mimi's Movers:

        We are *not* currently offering pick up and delivery services. We're working to create new partnerships and opportunities to ensure the best experience for our wonderful patrons. Please ask about options over the phone or while you're visiting in the shop!