J.P. Livedge

Wood Crafter: John Patrick

After retiring from an engineering career, I began to freelance as a lumberjack. I specialize in hazardous tree removal where homes and power lines are in danger from old trees that have died and must come down. This led to my fascination with the growth patterns and grain of the trees. In order to capture and preserve their beauty, I began using sections of the trees to make live edge furniture.

Live edge means the long edges of the table or bench keep the shape of the tree as it grew. My pieces are cut out of tree trunks by chainsaw and profiled by eye and feel, using a hand-held die grinder, fitted with a sanding arbor. The grain structure of the tree plays a large role in profiling the piece.

My hope is that you’ll draw closer to the life and growth of the tree by seeing and feeling the contours suggested to my hands by the wood grain. The construction is sturdy for robust usage and the finish is suitable for year-round outdoor exposure. They are made to enjoy, just brush off the snow and set your coffee cup right down.