Meet Tia of Lavender in Luxe!

Ashantia, “Tia”, is one of Mimi’s Local Maker’s. You can find her lovingly handmade small batch candles and wax melts for sale in our store. Recently, Tia took some time out of her busy schedule to talk a little bit about her inspirations and what she hopes to create in the future. 

In addition to creating new scents and partnerships for Lavender in Luxe, Tia is currently working as a personal trainer and considering a degree in diet and nutrition. While some may wonder whether this is an industry pivot, Tia assures us it’s not. Her journey to create the luscious scents that we have come to know and love began with a personal desire to discover how to make herself happy, supported, and well. Physical fitness is just as important as the mental and spiritual benefits that are imparted by her self-care creations. Initially inspired to make positive changes after the birth of her daughter, Tia explains, “I want to be healthy and well for her for as long as I reasonably can be”. In taking care of her own health and well being, Tia hopes to be a positive role model for her little girl.

Lavender in Luxe was born from Tia’s desire to support her own wellness journey. In seeking out what would create a positive difference in her own life, she took a class on essential oils. She found that she adored mixing the oils to create her own signature scents and for 2-3 years, she made unique candles and bath products for herself and as gifts for friends. After numerous suggestions that she really should explore selling her creations, Tia finally decided to go for it. When asked what prompted her to become a Mimi’s Maker, Tia explained that she had decided to reach out to Ithaca’s local home furnishing and decor shops since candles in the home felt like a complementary relationship. When she saw that she could apply to the Mimi’s Maker program through our website, it felt like kismet. We felt the good vibes, too! She signed on for a trial period with us for two months. Now a year later, she’s developed a signature Mimi’s Attic scent, and the mutual love continues!

We had to know whether our signature scent was her favorite, but we were delighted to be disappointed when Tia revealed that she doesn’t actually have a favorite product! Here’s why: this maker is all about the energy exchange. She pours her love and care into each item that she creates so that each Lavender in Luxe product feels like a little hug when you use it. Her true favorite is the love she gets back when people enjoy her products. So do feel free to share your best-loved Lavender in Luxe product with her!

When we asked Tia about what the future holds for Lavender in Luxe, we learned that she is actively exploring partnerships and expansion opportunities in Los Angeles, New York City, and Pennsylvania. Tia takes tremendous pride in her work, so she isn’t rushing to scale up faster than she can ensure each set of hands that help her make Lavender in Luxe products is putting in the same love and reverence she does. She recently turned down the opportunity to manufacture her candles and wax melts on a large scale because it was too impersonal; it didn’t feel aligned with how she connects with her customers. Tia loves to work and collaborate with locally owned small businesses because they are directly connected to the community they serve. (We are very big fans of this ethos, too!)

Finally, we asked this self-care maven who she looks up to, and whether she has any advice for those who might want to follow her example in creating a business around their passions. After some thought, Tia answered that ultimately she looks inward for strength and inspiration. She is her own hero because she is the one who has gotten herself to where she is today. And to anyone seeking their own path to success as a maker, she says, “Go for it!”. Being a pragmatic hero, Tia suggests trying anything out as a side hustle before quitting your day job. And we say your side hustle could be a great fit for Mimi’s Local Maker’s program, so give us a call when you give it a shot!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our Local Makers a little bit better!  

Thank you so much to Tia! You can find her @lavenderinluxe on instagram and online at