Lavender in Luxe

Photo of smiling young woman with brown skin and braided black hair in front of a railing with plants in the background.

Ashantia became interested in aromatherapy after taking a class in 2016, where she made salt scrubs and learned about the benefits of essential oils. Shortly after, she started to play around with fragrance and essential oils. After 3 years of making candles and other products as gifts, she was encouraged by friends and family to start selling them. Ashantia fell in love with lavender when she started using essential oils. That's why it is in the name of her brand, and why it is one of the oils she uses most.

As much fun as she has making the products for you, health and safety for the customers and ourselves are definitely her main priority. She uses natural products and sustainable packaging. To avoid plastic's toxic effects on both the earth and our bodies, all of her products are packaged in glass or metal.

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