Change is a-Comin': News From Our Sister Store

We are excited to announce that Kelly Serbovich, owner of Jillian’s Drawers and Parenting Naturally, LLC is buying Mama Goose and will be moving Mama Goose and Jillian’s Drawers sometime this fall. Both stores will be side by side in a downtown location with plenty of parking. CLICK HERE for more details about the sale of Mama Goose!

What does this big news mean for Mimi’s Attic?
It is still business as usual for Mimi’s Attic operations and Kelly Moreland is still the Store Owner. 

Are you going to move Mimi’s Attic?
Yes, 430 W. State street is going to be redeveloped this spring and we will need to move Mimi’s Attic sometime before April 2021.

What? Where? How?!
Good questions! 😂 Rest assured, we are working diligently on exciting plans and will keep you posted as they develop. We love Mimi’s Attic as much as you do and plan on buying, selling and trading with you for years to come. Stay tuned!

There is one policy change we need to make this week:
Beginning August 27th, we will not be able to transfer your Store Credit between Mama Goose & Mimi’s Attic. If you wish to transfer your Mama Goose Store Credit to Mimi’s Attic (or vice versa) it’s important that you do so by Wednesday, August 26th. We apologize for this late notice and change as we know many of you enjoy transferring store credit back and forth between the two stores. If you are happy with where your store credit is, there is nothing you need to do. Please note that if your sold items are still within the return period, we are not able to transfer your store credit.