Vintage Mid-Century Record Shelf Upcycle

Get ready to be wowed! Get ready to be inspired!

vintage upcycle mid-century

When we got these pictures, it made us want to buy every mid-century piece in the store and attempt to make it look this cool. Delanie took this retro record storage piece and made into something utterly modern, fresh and unique.

Originally, when she purchased it, Delanie just planned a little paint job. Unfortunately, the shelf needed a bit more work than that, but she wasn’t discouraged and ended up rebuilding the piece. The details: the legs were sanded to match the added red oak top and the crisp white was thanks to a good spray paint job. Woca oil was used used to give the wood a little sheen that matched the floor.

We love the decor that finishes this look– especially the adorable lamp that was a Mimi’s Attic find!

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The Mimi in You: Dianne and Bill

Who doesn’t dream of taking an old rustic barn and turning it into an awesome home for you and your family? Well, Dianne and her husband, Bill, did exactly that! After raising three sons within its walls, empty nesters Dianne and Bill started redecorating their home with furniture and decor from Mimi’s Attic- bringing out their unique personalities and quirk!

The inside of Dianne and Bill’s house is the epitome of cozy, but the outside is grand and rustic. Small, thoughtful details grab your attention as you approach the front door: the garden gnomes peeking out at you, the wild flowers purposely left to grow between the slate pavers, the fierce lion-face knocker.  Everything is perfectly picturesque in a haphazard and relaxed way.

One of the most dominating pieces in the open concept living space is a large round oak table from Mimi’s. Bill and Dianne didn’t just want a table, they wanted a table that would inspire their guests to sit around for hours after dinner, sipping wine and talking late into the night. They also wanted a table large and sturdy enough to host their sons (and their son’s friends) who frequently came back to visit. And at Mimi’s, they were able to find the perfect table at an affordable price!

Unexpected details and clever storage and decor solutions add intrigue and usefulness to every corner. Whether it’s the glasses stored on the ceiling (yes, you read that right) or pictures above the stove, they lend a quirky charm. Many of these pieces are vintage and were one of a kind finds at Mimi’s.

Dianne and Bill have created a unique and personalized home by shopping at Mimi’s. We hope it inspires YOU to stop by and see what perfect addition we have for your nest!

Want to see more houses like Dianne and Bill’s? Click HERE for more editions of “The Mimi in You.”


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It’s time for spring cleaning!

Spring is here and there is no better time to create a sense of renewal in your home. Reorganize those storage spaces, deep clean those carpets, and shake things up by moving your furniture around! If you discover that you have  unused or under-utilized furniture, housewares and home decor, sell it at Mimi’s!

spring clean and sell Mimi's Attic

Want more information on how to sell to us?

Click HERE.

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Staff Pick: Sounds of Yesteryear

Once in a while, a piece of furniture waltzes into Mimi’s and completely steals our hearts. This is one of those pieces.

Meet this 1920’s Victrola Floor Phonograph!

Photo Mar 25, 4 42 14 PMNot only is she beautiful, she works! And comes with accompanying records to listen to.

We couldn’t take enough pictures! Stop drooling and stop by the store and see what might capture YOUR heart!

Photo Mar 25, 4 38 38 PM Photo Mar 25, 4 38 53 PM antique phonograph record player victrolaPhoto Mar 25, 4 39 11 PM

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Before and After: Antique Coffee Table Turned MacKenzie-Childs

Today’s inspirational before and after comes from long-time customer Susan. We’ve loved seeing all the amazing things Susan has bought over the years and are just thrilled she chose to share this coffee table makeover with us!

The antique piece she started with was sweet and had been refinished already, but Susan had the brilliant creativity to take it to the next level. She removed a mirror top that had been added, repainted it a glossy black, and then decoupaged a MacKenzie-Childs finish on top. Wow!

Let this get your creative juices flowing just in time for a little spring house cleaning and maybe a furniture makeover!


antique coffee table before


mackenzie-childs coffee table



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Six Mimi’s Gifts for your Sweetie!

Everyone knows that Mimi’s is the best place for unique gifts! And what better way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day than with something truly special, or even useful!

Need some inspiration? The best way to find that perfect gift is to come down and browse, but check out these ideas to get you started!

1. Blankets (or anything cozy)!

Mimi’s has blankets and throw pillows to make any bed or sofa the coziest place on earth!

vintage armchair

2. Encourage Their Hobby

Whether it be music or picnicking, we have the perfect way to recognize their unique interests!

Pottery Barn Picnic basket vintage gramophone

3. Useful Collectibles

If your honey loves beautiful things they can put to use, maybe it’s time to introduce them to vintage Pyrex or Fiestaware! Even if they aren’t a collector, they are bound to appreciate these functional beauties.

fiestawarevintage Pyrex

4. Furniture Upgrade

Anyone would appreciate an upgrade to their desk, table, or nightstand. And oh does Mimi’s have the perfect upgrade for your Valentine!

refinished vintage desk refinished vintage nightstand mod accent table vintage coca cola table

5. Anything Beautiful

We promise you a mix of eclectic beautiful items like no other place in town. With new things coming in everyday, you are sure to find something you never knew you needed! April Cornell table clothart from venicehandmade pottery

6. Something New (or a gift card!)

Mimi’s has a bunch of new items (candles and mugs!). Or let your valentine get what they really want for themselves, and get them a gift card.

Sunbeam candlesNYC ceramic mug gift card Mimi's Attic

Like something you see in this post? Give us a call and see if it’s still available! You can reach us at (607) 882-9038

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Mimi’s Attic Loves Teachers!

Do you work in education? We would like to spoil you this week!

Teachers and educators should stop by between

Friday, Feb. 12 – Sunday, Feb. 21st

and we will give you

15% off your total purchase!*

Wheeee! Time to have some Mimi’s fun!

Educators should register at Ithaca Loves Teachers and bring their VIT (Very Important Teacher) pass to take advantage of this offer!  Learn more about Ithaca Loves Teacher’s Winter Recess HERE.

ithaca loves teachers
*Not to be combined with other coupons, sales, or discounts!


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New year, new Mimi’s!

Have you noticed some exciting changes at Mimi’s? If not, stop by and check out what we are switching up!

Our beautiful new counters are in place (sadly not for the espresso bar you all secretly want), and our cash register will look right at home once it’s moved there in the coming weeks.

mimis counter

Our new year is off to a great start at Mimi’s Attic! We’ve been doing lots of little changes the past couple of months and are working on some bigger ones this year (like the counters).

Maybe you should come browse and get inspired to switch things up in YOUR home!

vintage office


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Get Your Last-Minute Gifts at Mimi’s!

holiday hours

Want the perfect last-minute gift? Come to Mimi’s Attic!

Here’s a list to get you started:

1. Gift Cards

Perfect for anyone and everyone! And this way the “giftee” can really can get exactly what they want!

Gift Cards

2. Make your own gift basket!

We even have the baskets. Pick a theme or just collect items throughout the store that you know they’d like! We have many new or like-new items, too.

Gift Basket

3. Art

Who doesn’t like a little more beauty in their life?

Vintage Art

4. Collectibles

Do you know someone who collects Pyrex, Fiestaware, or maybe adorable fancy teacups? We have you covered!


5. Candles

You can’t go wrong with a selection of Sunbeam candles. We even have the holders to make it complete!


6. Christmas decor!

It’s not too late to get in the spirit! All Holiday themed items are now 30% off! We have everything from vintage Christmas dishes to wreathes and stockings.

Christmas Vintage

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The snow on the ground today seems to announce the end of Indian summer and although a few colorful leaves still cling to the trees outside, there is no doubt, the winter holiday season is approaching. And first up?  Thanksgiving!

No matter what holidays or traditions you plan to celebrate in the coming weeks, Mimi’s Attic would like to help make your house cozy for your friends, family, visitors, and most importantly, YOU! How can we assist? Read on!

1. Beautifying and DecoratingDried Flowers

Mimi’s always has an eclectic mix of art and decorative items that can bring some beauty into your home, BUT LOOK AT THESE FLOWERS! They would make an easy centerpiece for any dining table and will last for months as they are dried to perfection by local flower supplier, Plenty of Posies. Don’t forget to check out our stock of Sunbeam Candles while you’re here and pick up some beeswax tapers for some luxurious lighting.

2. Extra dishes, serving bowls, and kitchen utensils

Do you need extra plates? Got ’em! How about more forks? Check! A fancy lazy-susan to class up your table? See picture below! Mimi’s is the perfect place to inexpensively expand your collection of dinner hosting necessities.

Vintage Lazy-Susan

3. Seating Vintage Upcycled Bench

Whether you need a whole new set of non-creaky chairs, or just another comfy seat for the living room, Mimi’s has you covered. You don’t want your guests sitting on the floor! Your seating can be traditional and polished or wild and eclectic (like this bench featured). Mimi’s has a style for everyone!


4. Sleeping Spaces

Mimi’s has bed frames galore, sleeper sofas, and even a daybed with trundle! The holidays are a perfect time to make that guest room truly polished with a headboard or add some versatility to your living space by replacing your old couch with a sleeper sofa.

Vintage Sleeper Sofa

5. Mimi’s Therapy!

Doing some retail therapy at Mimi’s should be recommended by doctors year round, but in particular, it’s a great way to get rid of some of the stress from the holidays. Looking at beautiful and interesting objects for half an hour is way cheaper than a massage and a great activity to do with out-of-town visitors. Bring them this Saturday, and they can enjoy complimentary coffee and 10% off (all weekend).

6. Inspiration

Last, but not least, we want to be a source of inspiration for showing a little love to your home. Come browse the merchandise here and we will help you with creative ideas of what to do!

Want some Pinterest-worthy inspiration? Fine, we admit that we do too! Check out this blog where the picture below came from. Inspired yet? Come to Mimi’s and grab the materials to make your own stellar centerpiece!

Blog Inspiration



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