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Happy Thanksgiving!

The snow on the ground today seems to announce the end of Indian summer and although a few colorful leaves still cling to the trees outside, there is no doubt, the winter holiday season is approaching. And first up?  Thanksgiving!

No matter what holidays or traditions you plan to celebrate in the coming weeks, Mimi’s Attic would like to help make your house cozy for your friends, family, visitors, and most importantly, YOU! How can we assist? Read on!

1. Beautifying and DecoratingDried Flowers

Mimi’s always has an eclectic mix of art and decorative items that can bring some beauty into your home, BUT LOOK AT THESE FLOWERS! They would make an easy centerpiece for any dining table and will last for months as they are dried to perfection by local flower supplier, Plenty of Posies. Don’t forget to check out our stock of Sunbeam Candles while you’re here and pick up some beeswax tapers for some luxurious lighting.

2. Extra dishes, serving bowls, and kitchen utensils

Do you need extra plates? Got ’em! How about more forks? Check! A fancy lazy-susan to class up your table? See picture below! Mimi’s is the perfect place to inexpensively expand your collection of dinner hosting necessities.

Vintage Lazy-Susan

3. Seating Vintage Upcycled Bench

Whether you need a whole new set of non-creaky chairs, or just another comfy seat for the living room, Mimi’s has you covered. You don’t want your guests sitting on the floor! Your seating can be traditional and polished or wild and eclectic (like this bench featured). Mimi’s has a style for everyone!


4. Sleeping Spaces

Mimi’s has bed frames galore, sleeper sofas, and even a daybed with trundle! The holidays are a perfect time to make that guest room truly polished with a headboard or add some versatility to your living space by replacing your old couch with a sleeper sofa.

Vintage Sleeper Sofa

5. Mimi’s Therapy!

Doing some retail therapy at Mimi’s should be recommended by doctors year round, but in particular, it’s a great way to get rid of some of the stress from the holidays. Looking at beautiful and interesting objects for half an hour is way cheaper than a massage and a great activity to do with out-of-town visitors. Bring them this Saturday, and they can enjoy complimentary coffee and 10% off (all weekend).

6. Inspiration

Last, but not least, we want to be a source of inspiration for showing a little love to your home. Come browse the merchandise here and we will help you with creative ideas of what to do!

Want some Pinterest-worthy inspiration? Fine, we admit that we do too! Check out this blog where the picture below came from. Inspired yet? Come to Mimi’s and grab the materials to make your own stellar centerpiece!

Blog Inspiration



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Staff Intro: Jeff

There are a lot of new faces at Mimi’s Attic these days! We wanted to take some time to introduce them to you. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring our fabulous employees so you can get to know them better. Then we hope you will visit us in the store so we can get to know YOU better!

As a bonus, Jeff has an AMAZINGLY decorated house that you can see in the pictures at the end of this post. Now you know who to ask if you need some decorating help!

Meet Jeff Dahlander

Jeff Dahlander, Sales Associate

Jeff Dahlander, Sales Associate

How did you end up in Ithaca?

Ithaca has everything I like! I have family in the area and Ithaca has lots of opportunities for work and a wonderful green and sustainable vibe.

How did you start working at Mimi’s?

I was a shopper before I became an employee. I stumbled upon Mimi’s Attic and quickly became addicted to shopping here. I was actually getting an oil change across the street at Diane’s Garage and they told me Mimi’s was the perfect place to kill some time.

Why do you love working here?

It’s fun and fast paced! The customers and coworkers are amazing. It doesn’t even feel like work despite the busy pace.

How would you describe your home decor style?


If you were a piece of Mimi’s furniture, what would you be?

Any piece that could be from a racy 1960s Hollywood film.

Anything else we should know about you?

I collect pottery, needle point pillows, and art featuring clowns.



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