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Selling Furniture is Easy at Mimi’s Attic!

Sell To Mimi's AtticYou may not realize this, but every item on our sales floor came from a community member just like you. And every time a consigned item sells, a community member gets at least half of the selling price. It’s a remarkably simply way to 1) clean out your house and 2) make some extra cash. It couldn’t be any easier; customers simply bring their items in, and we take care of the rest!

So… if you’ve never sold with us, what are you waiting for!?

Here’s a handy guide:

Step 1) Figure out what you want to sell. Mimi’s buys furniture, of course, but also housewares and home decor! So don’t forget to check those kitchen drawers for sell-worthy treasures. Is there anything stored in the attic or basement that you haven’t used in forever? You could have furniture and decorative items taking up space that could be making you money at Mimi’s!

Step 2) Bring it on! Walk in with one item or a whole truck-full. We can usually process your items while you shop. If you have large items you can’t move yourself, ask about our Pick Up Service.

Step 3) Pick cash or store credit. (Whether we buy your items outright, or put them on consignment, you get 10% more when you choose store credit… just sayin).

Step 4) Do a Happy Dance. This step isn’t required, but it is heartily encouraged.

For more information on selling, check out our “How To Sell” page or give us a call at 607-882-9038.

Now dive right into the exciting world of selling gently-used furniture, housewares, and home decor!

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Before and After: Classy Updated Console

Sometimes we take a quick glance through a consignment shop and see a lot of things that could almost work….but are just not quite right for the space. Well, we can all take a little up-cycling inspiration from Mimi’s staff member, Whitney. Whitney is not one to get discouraged about a minor color palette discrepancy. She sees the positives and the possibilities!

DIY Inspiration

 This console table had great bones to start with and was just the right size for the space. Whitney simply did a little sanding and applied a couple coats of fresh paint. And WOW, what a difference! This snazzy, yet practical table now goes perfectly with Whitney’s decor and brings out the warm tones in the space. We think this project is an excellent reminder that a little paint can go a long way. So, next time you see a table that’s almost perfect, think positive! Maybe it just needs a little love to be just right.

DIY Inspiration

And, to sweeten the deal, we will give you $5 store credit for sending us your Mimi’s “before and after” photos. Next time you want to re-imagine a Mimi’s find, remember that you can earn your money back on that paint or hardware purchase to complete your  project!

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