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Staff Pick: Twin Recliners!

On the sales floor, we often notice something we call, “Mimi’s Magic.” It’s when the right item finds the right person at the right time. That’s what happened for Karen, her husband, and their living room. They’d been playing musical recliners between a hand me down La-Z-Boy for him and a new La-Z-Boy from Sam Peter for her. Naturally, she’d come home and find him in the recliner that was supposed to be her’s. He said it was so much softer and more comfy. Uh oh.

Enter Mimi’s Attic:

Twin Recliners

We had the exact same coveted La-Z-Boy recliner for only $120! Now these twin recliners live side by side and no one has to settle for less-than-optimal comfiness. And you can’t even tell the new one from the used one! (But we’ll tell you anyway; the Mimi’s one is on the left with the yellow pillow. Who’d have known, right?)

Many thanks to Karen for sharing this adorable story with us. We’re so happy to have facilitated some Mimi’s Magic for you!


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Staff Pick: A Piece of His Story

One of our sellers, Allison, recently sent us a lovely email to check on her consignments. Her email happened to include a short history of this dresser and it’s just so sweet, we had to share it!

Dresser 1953

The year was 1953. Dwight D. Eisenhower had just been elected president, and Allison’s father was just starting grad school at Cornell University. He bought this precious solid oak dresser at a used furniture store in Ithaca for $5, and it remained his dresser for the rest of his life. Allison says, “it’s the ultimate in reuse if another person picks it up and and uses it for another 65 years.” We love that spirit, Allison! The dresser is still so sturdy, someone certainly could!

This story reminds us why we love what we do. The history in these pieces makes them so much more beautiful. If you’d like to make this lovely dresser part of your family history, you can take it home for $150.

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies now at Mimi’s Attic!

ecofriendly all purpose cleaner ecofriendly cleaner ecofriendly wood cleaner

The dawn of a new year is a wonderful time to start with a clean slate. But we understand that sometimes the slate’s got a lot of gunk on it. You may wonder how you’re ever going to get it clean.

We humbly recommend these local, eco-freindly cleaning products from Nitty Gritty Naturals! As you’re getting ready to begin again, clear the path of dust and grime with Orange scented All-Purpose Cleaner and Lemon Scented Wood Cleaner.  They’re locally made with all natural ingredients like vinegar and essential oils that clean safely without harsh chemicals or fumes. They come in reusable and recyclable glass bottles. At $8 each, they’re not a bad investment to keep your new year fresh.



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