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Staff Pick: Rich Dining Set

If you’ve ever stepped foot in our store, you know we hold a vast patchwork of styles. You’ll find antiques from the 1850s around the corner from a sleek modern armchair just built last year. And you know what? We love it that way. We even pride ourselves on it.

whole dining setwood inlay close up






Perhaps that’s why this dining set appeals to us so much; it’s eclectic all on its own. The tabletop boasts several wood grains thoughtfully laid out to create richness and depth. The intricate chevron inlay border gives it an Art Deco flair. But the table base and four chairs are solid oak, ornately carved and assembled in a more country style. To top it all off, the seats are upholstered in a vibrant cerulean vinyl, certainly not the original fabric (but easy to clean for kids, and easy to reupholster if it doesn’t fit your style).

So you have to wonder, what’s the story? What lives has this table lived? Will a visit to your home be the next chapter in this beautiful dining set’s journey?

side detailVintage dining set

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Before and After: Rustic Egg Baskets

Your home’s front entryway is the first impression it gives to visitors. So what do you do when there’s no overhead lighting there? You can’t have it looking all dark and dreary, but wiring something into the ceiling is time consuming, expensive, and potentially dangerous if you don’t know how.



Frequent Mimi’s shopper, Andrea, used a vintage egg basket from Mimi’s and a simple swag light kit to add whimsical lighting to her front entryway. She has an incredible ability for seeing potential in everyday items. What once was a simple wire basket is now a chic, industrial light fixture. Though lighting projects sometimes seem daunting, this only took her ten minutes! It’s the perfect solution to a lack of built-in ceiling fixtures.

Because Andrea used a “swag kit” to plug the lamp into the wall, the project required absolutely no wiring. If you are interested in giving your home a lighting makeover, swag kits can be purchased at box stores or on websites like Amazon for about $10. They also come through Mimi’s from time to time at a reduced price, so be sure to check here first 😉

Andrea 2

So charming!

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