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Before And After: Turning the Tables!

At Mimi’s Attic, we see a lot of tables. Dining tables, coffee tables, high tops, pedestals- there’s a table for everything, and we’ve got them all. But if there’s anything more diverse than our table collection, it’s our customer base. Mimi’s customers are so interesting and creative, that they even invent NEW kinds of tables! This week, two of our mastermind customers undertook awesome projects to make Mimi’s-found tables their own.

The first table fable comes from one of Mimi’s favorite regular customers. Our friend Meryl found this funky little $10 side table at Mimi’s and completely re imagined it! Now outfitted with a zesty coat of paint, Lego mats, and storage bins, it’s a one-of-a-kind play table for her kids! Seriously, this is  genius. Meryl, you are just too cool for school. With this new play area, those kids are bound to grow up as remarkably creative as you!

Meryl After 2


Next, the award for most ambitious DIY master of the week goes to…… Tatiana!! She took on not one, not even two, but THREE projects that started with Mimi’s Attic finds. One of these projects was inspired by a problem many people have when shopping second-hand: it’s hard to find matching items. But matching is… well, it’s not an exact science. Tatiana found two side tables that were completely different in color and structure, but both had a bit of French Provincial flair. An unlikely match at first, but if they went out for coffee, they’d have loads to talk about. After this fancy little paint job, its clear they were meant to be together!

With this last one, I don’t mean to brag here… but we totally called it. Tatiana took this industrial trunk and made a totally hip, unique coffee table!! She added cute little legs and some popping blue paint to give this shabby looking trunk a complete makeover. It looks like it fits perfectly in your chic, eclectic living room. You have such a sharp eye for design, Tatiana!

Tati Before A

Tati After A

Here at Mimi’s we are endlessly grateful that our customers are so wonderful. Many thanks to Tatiana and Meryl for sharing their bold, crafty spirit with all of us!

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Before and After: Flower Bed

If you’ve been through Mimi’s this summer, you may have met our spunky sales associate, Whitney. Can’t remember? She was the one wearing a brightly patterned dress and a huge smile who probably greeted you with a bounce in her step and a song in her heart.  (We love her). Well, she recently updated her bedroom and needed a new bed frame. Being the firecracker she is, she saw it as an opportunity to express her remarkable creativity!

Whitney Before


When this bed came in, it was certainly cute, but a little too boring for Whitney’s taste. I mean, a solid color? And that color is white? Where’s the fun in that? But it was sturdy, fairly new, and came with all of its original parts. For $45, it was a great deal and a perfect starting point for a project.



Whitney After


And who else but Whitney could have thought up this project!? In her hands, this blank canvas was brought to life! Because she’s an artist, she already had plenty of acrylic paint lying around. So, she went straight to work with bold crimson and magenta, then jazzed it up with pops of colorful handiwork on the flowers. It’s almost as vibrant and colorful as Whitney, herself. Way to go! We can’t wait to see what other dazzling ideas you’ll dream up 🙂


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