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From Shabby to Chic!

SometimesJBradac Before, by the time a table makes it to Mimi’s Attic, it’s had some miles put on it. Maybe someone didn’t use a coaster once or twice. Maybe an overenthusiastic toddler took a marker to it in the name of art. It may have seen better days, but as long as it’s still sturdy and practical, we’ll give it a chance at a new life! That’s where you, our brilliant customers, come in. You see not just what that well-loved table is, but what it could be.


JBradac AfterJust look how one customer, John,  transformed this Chemung side table! He started by lightly sanding the surface and smoothing out a small chip with wood filler. After a few coats of paint and wax, it’s hardly recognizable!  Now this table looks fit to hold the tea of a wealthy foreign diplomat, or the unpublished manuscript of the next great American novel. Those old scuffs and scrapes are a distant memory and the future of this table looks bright!

The whole process only took him a casual five hours. Do YOU have some time to kill and a dream for that perfect DIY project? Follow John’s example and dive in!

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