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Oh The Possi-Vanities!

You know what? Vanities get a bad rap. People imagine a prima donna fussing over her hair for hours and hours at the mirror. But hey, toss out those stereotypes and look what you’ve got! Adorable woodwork, a practical mirror, and STORAGE (perhaps the hottest commodity of all). So today we highlight two customers who saw vanities and didn’t see a fuss… They saw possibility!

Mary and her husband, Joe are such frequent customers, we consider them part of the Mimi’s family. They’ve been buying and selling with us ever since the beginning. When Mary set her eyes on this vanity in our clearance section, she knew it would fit perfectly in her home with a little alteration. Her vision? Cut that vanity in half and make two bedside tables! Joe was skeptical about the project at first, but he snuck into Mimi’s without her and bought it as a surprise. What a fella! We even played along and told Mary it had sold to someone else. Who doesn’t love a good scheme!? Joe got to work and had these bedside tables ready for their new life in no time!

image (19)

It originally came with drawers (not pictured).

Go, Joe, Go!!!

Voila! The finished product!

This is such a genius project! And the execution is stunning. We only wish we caught Mary’s surprised reaction when her dream bedside tables were unveiled! Those lamps were also a Mimi’s Attic find and they match perfectly! I don’t know about all you readers out there, but everyone here at Mimi’s is SO impressed right now.

Our next vanity fairy tale comes to you from Rochele at Mint Velvet Vintage Interiors + Antiques in Corning, NY. Her shop is full of naturally beautiful and upcycled vintage gems. Recently, she’s been combing through Mimi’s and plucking up sturdy undercover treasures that need a dash of TLC.








When she came across the vanity in question, it was sturdy and had lots of natural charm, but it was just so dark and, well, a little blah. The finish was dull and scratched in some areas. Some clever coats of paint later and it looks like something out of a Mackenzie Childs catalogue! What an incredible talent you have, Rochele! Lovely readers, stop by Mint Velvet Vintage to see the transformation yourself! Corning’s not that far, you guys.









So, next time you see a little vanity in Mimi’s, don’t imagine yourself wasting away in front of a mirror for hours. Imagine yourself, super rugged, with a saw, chopping it in half! OR if that’s not your thing, you can get yourself covered in paint making it into something wonderful and new! Either way, take pictures and share them with us!! We love seeing what you clever people come up with!

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Aged Oak Chair Gets Some New Flair

Sometimes we get pieces on our sales floor that have seen better days. Though they’re still sturdy, time has aged their upholstery, warn down their finish, and chipped their paint. But cosmetic damage doesn’t mean a piece is at the end of its life! Paul, a practicing woodworker, stops by whenever he’s in town looking for just these types of pieces. (Perhaps you’ve even seen the beautiful rocker he up-cycled back in early winter). He knows how easy it is to bring the sparkle back to a used-furniture gem.

This time Paul took home an aged oak dining chair with a black leather seat. Though it had some rustic charm, it definitely needed a little TLC. Paul snatched it up (for $25) and got to work!


First, Paul stripped the old wood stain off the chair and sanded it down. Then he completely disassembled the chair to refinish it. While the chair was in pieces, he went through and replaced damaged dowels before applying the finish. After reassembly, he applied a warm, light tung oil finish. We think it mingles well with the vibrant new tacked vinyl upholstery. He added some additional support to the seat with leftover wood from other projects and voila! Now he has a very handsome oak dining chair to add to his collection! Just look at how the grain pops as opposed to before!


Thanks for being an amazing woodworker, Paul!

For sharing, Paul received $5 in store credit! If you have any Mimi’s marvels that you have repurposed or redone, YOU can send us a before and after picture, too. You too could receive $5 in store credit and become Mimi’s-Famous with a blog entry. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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