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Simple Fixes Measure up to a New Life

Vicki is one of our regular customers. Like many others, she loves to come in and browse our new (secondhand, of course!) inventory. As Ithacans know, we see all sorts of styles  of furniture from the 19th century to present, and finding that special piece can take a couple Mimi’s browses. You might find something that’s nearly perfect, but not quite right. When that happens to Vicki, she takes the fate of her décor into her own hands.


For $60, Vicki took home both of these nightstands. There are no “before” pictures, but we remember their former life. Although they are solid wood pieces, one was stained a grayish color and the other was green…ish; both were likely more appealing a couple decades ago. With a few simple coats of white paint, they were given a brand new life! Despite being mismatched in shape, they sync harmoniously together with their new color.

And let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that headboard… Yeah, that’s right, it’s an old fireplace mantle! She salvaged the piece and covered the center with plywood that she padded and upholstered herself. Her bedroom looks like a photograph out of a Pottery Barn magazine or a room in a swanky B&B. Props to Vicki for not only getting crafty but for helping save the planet by choosing previously owned pieces. Way to go!


Vicki says she’s been blessed with the ability to see what items can be if they’re reimagined or given a new coat of paint. Here’s another project that she threw together. We think it is simply brilliant. You see an ordinary day bed, right? Wrong! That’s actually two TWIN beds! The headboards became the back piece and the footboards became the arms. What a stunning result!


And this industrial work table was one of our favorite staff picks! Older pieces, she says, add comfort and warmth to a space that new pieces just don’t. We love the way its rustic charm blends with the rest of her sleek, sophisticated décor!


Vicky says she sees decorating as a fun, relaxing, and ever-changing art project. This beautiful, unique armchair is also a Mimi’s find. She says, “No matter where I find my items, be it Mimi’s Attic, antique shows or a flea market, I’m always filled with anticipation that the hunt will reward me with  treasure.” Lucky for the rest of us, Vicki doesn’t bury her treasure, she takes pictures to show the world!

We’re honored that we get to be a part of what makes your home so marvelous, Vicki. From all of us here at Mimi’s, we’re excited to see what you come up with next!




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