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From Dark Antique to Nursery Chic

Mandy BeforeThis stunning before and after transformation comes from a first time customer. Mandy was looking for a medium-sized changing table or dresser for her daughter’s nursery. Something cute with enough storage for diapers, clothes, etc, but low enough to use as a changing table. One of those tough-to-find sizes, for sure. This rich antique dresser, with its original locks and intricate detail, really caught her eye. It was missing two lock plates and was too dark for her space, so she knew it would take a little elbow grease. With loads of help from the little one’s grandpa (her father-in-law), this dresser got a complete makeover. They found two matching lockplates, sanded the whole piece, painted it this beautiful aqua, and changed the knobs to make it a bit more frilly. Mandy AfterThe whole project, including paint and materials, wound up costing them about $250. Not a bad deal for a charming one-of-a-kind piece that will last their newborn for years and years! We’re so thrilled that you found such a fun & practical project on your first time in, Mandy! Who knows what you’ll find next time….

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