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Fun and Simple Before and After

Earring holder

Our very own Mimi’s employee and crafter, Jenni, had this brilliant idea of re-purposing a vintage gold frame into a vintage-inspired lace earring holder. Not only does re-purposing older items recycle but it also puts less of a strain on the economy and the demand for new products. Way to go, Jenni!

You too can create a cute vintage earring holder.  All you need is vintage-inspired lace (Sew Green, Quilter’s Corner anyone?), a staple gun, and a frame of your choosing. Simply stretch the lace tightly across the back of the frame and staple in the corners and voila! You now have a repurposed, adorable earring holder!

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A Thrifty Guide for the DIY Bride

shabsweddPlanning a wedding can be a truly exciting and creative endeavor. Mimi’s would love to help you find inspiration for your wedding, save some money,  and decorate to reflect your love of  re-use.

Whatever the style of your nuptials, the chances of finding pieces that pull your look together are limitless at Mimi’s. From sleek, well-kept antiques to aged wood and shabby-chic detailing, Mimi’s has seen it all! Previously-loved items are coming in every single day!

So How Can Mimi’s Help? With sites such as Pinterest and The Knot, wedding inspiration is always at your fingertips. When they give you the ideas, we give you the materials to make it happen! We have shelves and displays full of unique, antique, vintage, trendy, and one-of-a-kind pieces to help make your vision a reality. We have also compiled some of our favorite ideas here to get your creative gears turning!

Here are some of our favorite DIY ideas that you can easily pull together with one of our most popular Mimi’s items: Mason Jars.


Dreamy Lighting: Hanging jars from trees or building supports is a great idea for evening receptions! Want something more than just clear glass? Get creative and color your jars in your personalized wedding colors! Or lace ‘em up for a more nostalgic look. Use mismatched sizes for a more visually engaging display.

 Table Displays: Fill the bottoms of your jars with glass beads, add water, and use the beads to anchor colorful flowers. Add a floating candle for a romantic glow.




Drinking Glasses:  You can use mason jars as glasses for a fun and easy-going vibe. And, because the majority are marked with ounce measurements, they make it easy to control portions and make mixed drinks a breeze. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the neck of the jar for a touch of color and rustic charm. Use chalkboard paint to provide a surface for each guest to write his or her name. Once everyone gets up to dance and mingle, you’ll be glad to have a way to individualize your glasses.Jar Vases

-Vases: Mason jars make flower arrangements easy and extra-charming! Pick up some “frog lids” to hold your display in place. Frog lids can be purchased for as little as 75 cents a piece or can be made if you’re on a tight budget.

Wedding Favors: Make all natural sugar scrub or jam, fill the jars with candy, or even plant your own herbs prior to the wedding and send the guests home with their own sprouts! (Frog lids are best for the sprouts.)



But what if mason jars don’t fit into the theme of your special day? Mimi’s has plenty of other nifty ideas for you to consider!

Furniture is becoming a more popular wedding accessory. Mix and match vintage chairs for ceremony seating, use rustic cabinets and tables to hold goodies for guests, or use a vibrant screen to accentuate the atmosphere. At Mimi’s, you’ll find all sorts of previously-loved pieces ready for the picking!


Wedding Chairs

Mixed Chinamixeddrinkware

Craving a shabby chic vibe? Try using vintage or antique mixed china! It’s an adorable style and a great option for low-budget weddings.

Stop by Mimi’s often to find a big variety of cute mixed china at affordable prices!

And the mixing doesn’t need to stop at place settings; mismatched vases, flatware, and drink vessels are a fun way to create a unique atmosphere for your guests.


Of course Mimi’s can’t outfit ALL your wedding needs. But you can still make every corner of your wedding sparkle with re-used flair by stopping by some of our fellow consignment shops.


Mimi’s isn’t a dress shop (as any of our regulars would know), but we’ve chosen to highlight Dressella’s, a gown consignment shop in Trumansburg, New York. They have a large array of dresses for everyone from the bride to the flower girl! Check them out to see dresses they are currently carrying or consign your own!



Fabric Bouquet

Looking for sheaths of fabric for DIY wedding crafts? Check out our neighbors at Sew Green located on Cayuga Street (right next to The Commons). Sew Green offers an array of cloth scraps, brand new fabrics, and recycled fabrics all at a fair price. They are just waiting to be re-purposed by you! Make your own table cloths, wrap your bouquet in strips of fabric, and get crafty! The possibilities are endless!




If you use items from Mimi’s for a creative wedding project, please show us how it comes together! When you send us your “before and after” pictures and tell us a little about how you made your creation, we will give you $5 in store credit. We’ll even write about your project on our blog or Facebook, so you get to feel Mimi’s famous! Whatever your wedding-style fantasies are, stopping by Mimi’s is a great way to get creatively inspired. Come see what we have in store!



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