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Staff Pick: 1972 Polaroid SX-70

polaroidThis sweet retro camera is so stylish that we couldn’t resist consigning it here at Mimi’s! In addition to having a beautifully crafted leather case, the camera itself has stylish leather accents. We were immediately smitten. After researching the specific model, we learned that the Polaroid SX-70 was the first of its kind to eject and develop a photo in moments. So not only is it beautifully sleek, it’s also a nifty chunk of history! Without this little fella, “shake it like a polaroid picture” would never have made any sense! Thanks, little friend.

If you love vintage trinkets but aren’t a photography expert, you’re in luck! All of the original instructions are included. One glance at this comprehensive user guide, and you’ll be itching to bust out and get artsy. How nifty!What about film, you ask? Well, this camera may be 40 years old, but you can still buy new film for it online.

Whether you are a Polaroid connoisseur, a 70’s enthusiast, or just appreciate a neat Mimi’s find, we think you’ll love this blast from the past! So put down that smartphone, come by Mimi’s, and get nostalgic for a good old fashioned Polaroid!






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