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Before and After with Daddy Van’s Furniture Polish!

So you finally found it: the perfect chair that feels like it was made for you, the vanity you dreamt about as a child, or that perfect table with the weird dimensions which seemed impossible to find…. BUT it needs a little work. The wood is dull and sad from years of wear and you know you’ll never get around to refinishing it. Sound familiar?

Fear not, fellow Ithacans, brightening up those solid wood diamonds in the rough just got a whole lot easier. Mimi’s now carries Daddy Van’s Beeswax Furniture Polish, a non-toxic, American-made, miracle worker. It makes a huge difference in the luster and feel of your wood furniture with minimal effort!!

Don’t believe us? We took it for a spin ourselves on one of our dining tables.

DV1This beautiful, antique, and solid oak table was in storage for years. Its original finish has long since worn away and the dull grey color distracted from the hearty beauty of the solid frame. So, let’s see what Daddy Vans can do…




I used a clean cotton cloth (a discarded onesie from our sister store Mama Goose, naturally), and got to work. It’s unscented and completely non-toxic so I didn’t have to worry about fumes or safety gloves or anything; I just dove right in!



DV2What a difference! That rich oak grain was just bursting at the seams to show itself off! Where once there was a dusty-looking wood heap, there is now a lustrous honey-colored tabletop. And, unlike some other kinds of polish it’s soft and clean to the touch, not oily. Sure it’s got some scrapes and stains that can only be taken out by sanding down, but for the 15 minutes I put into this little project, the results are pretty stellar.


AND that WHOLE table only took about 2 tablespoons of polish to complete! If you’re a penny pincher, you need not worry about getting your money’s worth from one of these little jars. I very nearly took that onesie on a furniture polishing spree.

Mimi’s now carries the whole line of Daddy Van’s Furniture Polishes and Room and Linen Sprays! The polish comes in lavender, orange, and unscented varieties. The scented sprays are invigorating blends of essential oils for energy, relaxation, and mental clarity. If you’re just itching to try it out for yourself, stop by soon!



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Before and After: Rejuvinated Rocker!

One thing we love about our store is that we operate like a revolving door. When you need a chair, you can find it here. And, when you no longer need that chair, you can bring it back and consign it! One item can journey through several people’s lives and we get to observe it all.

OHeronBefore 1This rocker was on it’s second journey through Mimi’s Attic when it struck the heart of our latest DIY champion, Paul. It had been purchased a few years ago by our owner, Kelly Moreland. She loved it for it’s comfort (it’s rare to find a rocker than hits just right on the back and neck). But with all the rearranging she does, this chair eventually outgrew the spot it was intended for. And so, she brought it back! Because she could! Because that’s what we’re all about! Nifty, right?

That’s how this quaint vintage rocker wound up back at Mimi’s. Despite its charms, it certainly showed its ware. The veneer on the seat was cracked and peeling around the edges, it was missing two spindles under the arms, and many of the joints were loose. Luckily, we had a customer with the ambition and know-how to restore this rocker to its full potential (and THEN some).

Paul, an amateur woodworker, loves projects like this to help him practice and expand his skills. Like Kelly, he was attracted to its uniquely comfortable shape and lustrous finish. He used the original seat to cut and sand a new one using left over oak and ash from other projects. What a beautiful new look! After crafting some new spindles, and re-gluing the joints, OHeron Afterit’s like a whole new piece!

At this point you might be hoping this chair takes a third trip through Mimi’s so you can snatch it up for yourself. But don’t come looking for it any time soon, it’s now his favorite chair! We love the new seat and the skillful blending of wood types. Well done!!

 If YOU have a project piece you bought from Mimi’s, don’t forget to take your “before” pictures! When you send us “before and after” photos and a little info about what you did, we give you $5 of store credit! We love hearing from you!!

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Staff Pick: Rustic Work Tables

We feel that we need to warn you about these tables. They’re a dangerous combination of charming and beautiful. When you see them in person, you might fall madly and hopelessly in love. You’ll consider moving in together before you’ve even said hello. That warm, distressed grainy surface, that unexpected pop of green… are you swooning yet?  Come and see it for yourself! Perhaps the two of you will live happily ever after…. greentable2greentable















And if you have a little one in your life, maybe you’d like to get them their own!! This child-sized work bench is made for some serious play time. Or maybe you’d like to use it as a coffee table that doubles as a conversation piece!? Oh! Or a TV stand! Oh my goodness… the possibilities are endless… You should come in and check it out before one of us takes it home ourselves!

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