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Cubby Life!

When’s the last time you asked your friend, significant other, or coworker, “have you seen the spare scissors?” Or maybe you have so many tools in your garage without proper homes? Perhaps you have a small business and the mail is out of control!

What better to organize your area than having a space efficient set of cubbies?


The possibilities are endless! We currently have 2 lightweight, maneuverable organizational cubbies, each priced at only $28! Each come with boxes that fit into the cubbies or they can easily be removed for displayable items!

nov26 006nov26 002








Not a fan of the color? Pick up a quick fix of spray paint and go to work customizing!

Mud rooms, offices, garages, bedrooms, wherever you need organization, cubbies are a quick and attractive fix. What will you organize with yours?

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Before and After!

IacovelliBeforeIacovelliAfterThis is perhaps our most dramatic before and after yet! When this bench came to us, it was…. well, it had seen cuter days. The wood was scratched and the upholstery had a purple stain right in the middle. But one of our regular customers, Susan, saw right through these cosmetic errors to the charm that was waiting to be unleashed. She painted the drab worn-out wood a sleek satin black, added more padding, and reupholstered the cushion with a striking zebra print. Then, for a pop of color, she added some snazzy red piping. Just look at that, from sad to pizazz in three easy steps! Way to go, Susan!

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