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Oh, The Possibilities…

Or should we say… “Oh the Possibili-TRUNKS!”


Let’s just start by talking about how cool vintage trunks are. Effortlessly industrial and rustic, they are things of beauty. Made of solid wood, leather, and hammered metal, they combine textures and patterns that capture their era. They often carry signs of their travels in stamps and writing on their sides and interior. There’s no telling how many miles they’ve crossed over land and sea, what they carried, or what they meant to the people who needed them. Don’t you just love wondering? Not to mention, decorating-wise, you can do just about anything with them!









Some trunks are perfect as-is. Toss one in front of your couch and boom: charming coffee table. Stack a few little ones next to an accent chair and kablammo: quaint side table. But for those of you who like a project, a vintage trunk can be just a starting point!  Just look at this marvelous idea and tutorial from The Golden Sycamore. If you find a trunk you love, but it’s not the right size or color for your space, this post is for you! Just look what a difference a coat of paint and some cool tapered legs can make!


It’s getting chilly out there… perhaps your starting to think about holiday entertaining? Perhaps you’d like to entertain your guests with a bar you made out of a Mimi’s Attic trunk? Look at this amazing idea from The Funkadelic Relic! If you’d like to make your own, there’s a delightful tutorial at The Hallmark Channel Website! How amazing is that!?

steamer trunk bar

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we currently have trunks ranging in price from $48-$125!

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Before and After!

If you’ve ever sold at Mimi’s, you know that we take a huge variety of items so long as they are structurally sound. Why is that? Because even when an item is beaten up from years of spills, scrapes, and coloring outside the lines, if it is well built and solid wood, it can be brought back to life!

BHarrison Before2

BHarrison After 1



 Yikes!                                                                                      Yowza!!

A Mimi’s customer, Barbara, bought a pair of these wooden side tables and uncovered the simple elegance underneath their damage. She used a wood stripper and a sandpaper block to remove their old, worn out finish. Then she used two coats of a polyurethane wood finish to protect their new, fresh look. With all that cosmetic damage gone, you can really appreciate the natural beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship that went into building them. These tables get the award for most improved!

Thanks, Barbara for sharing your skill and ambition with all of us! We’re so glad we could provide you with a fun project! Keep the ideas coming!!

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Before and After: Cle-A-tivity!

Sometimes the urge to create and recreate, to decorate and redecorate, cannot be tamed. We’ve seen it happen to dozens of unsuspecting Mimi’s customers. One project leads to another which gives them more and more ideas until their entire house is painted, reupholstered, and rearranged.  The latest victim of the DIY epidemic? Our very own sales associate and buyer, Clea.

Clea joined the Mimi’s Attic team last winter when she moved back to Newfield from Oregon.  She dove right into the swing of things here and, like so many of us, decorated her new place with Mimi’s flare. When her parents moved to town, she got to work outfitting them with the same. Sometimes she finds just the perfect thing, and sometimes she finds what could be the perfect thing with a little elbow grease.

Before Stool

After Stool






Her first project was this little white bench. She saw so much potential hidden under that rather unfortunate upholstery. A trip to JoAnn’s and some staple-gunning later and the little bench is at least 6 times more adorable. Now these Oregonian transplants have a place to comfortably sit and take off their snow boots! Welcome to Central New York, you crazy fools!

But Clea didn’t stop there. Once she realized how remarkably easy it is to reupholster, she got a little staple-happy. She had advised her parents to purchase a set of four southwest-inspired, though fairly worn, dining chairs. They were skeptical at first. I mean, these chairs were not cute. But when a person is caught in the tide of creative ambition, they don’t see ugly furniture, they see only blank canvases. Clea simply used “Oxford Blue” Krylon spray paint to create a nice, even color on the frames. Then she and recovered the cushions in a fun, whimsical cotton print. What a difference!! Time to host a dinner party and show those babies off!!

Chair beforeChair After


 If you’re inspired by Clea’s creativity, try your hand at up-cycling some of your own Mimi’s finds! We give you $5 in store credit for sharing your ideas with us!

Lastly, Clea, thanks for being awesome!!


Chair Before and After


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