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Staff Pick: Stunning Dresser


When furniture is simple, solid, and well-made, it’s timeless. Unfortunately, our memories are not. The consignor who brought us this dresser doesn’t remember anything about it. He bought it second hand himself…. 17 years ago. That’s right, when he bought this dresser,  DVDs had just come on the market and the Spice Girls were popular. So we’ll forgive the memory loss; it’s been a while. Luckily, our buyers were able to figure out a best guess of this dresser’s former life. It was most likely built in the mid 1920s and is a rich, dark mahogany. But you don’t have to be an expert to see this dresser’s unassuming charm.

We may not know exactly what path this striking beauty took to get to us, but just think about all the history this dresser has seen!! It has been through The Great Depression, World War II, the moon landing, and Disco. And just think; your history could be the next to be reflected in the dresser’s handsome mirror. Your clothes will teach its drawers about current fashion trends. This thing was built to last and it can be your history written into its next 90 years. We just think that’s so neat.

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Staff pick!

Sometimes we think we’ve seen just about everything, then comes in a new item that we all fall in love with. On Tuesday this gorgeous antique farm table came in.







Life circles around the kitchen in our homes; it’s where we come side by side to catch up with one another, calm down after a long day and be with the ones we love. Made with solid wood and at 8′ long by 3′ wide, this table can comfortably sit 6-10 for those holidays when we all come together. It has rustic charm and a sturdy solid quality that you can’t find just anywhere. Whether it’s holding extravagant meals or the elbows of our family, this pick is surely one to get cozy around this year. Come into Mimi’s and check it out before it wanders into the home of another!


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