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Before and After!

We just love it when you brilliant customers of ours share with us your genius! This week, two different Mimi’s Masters sent us photos of items they up-cycled! There must have been some subconscious connection here because BOTH transformations feature solid wood pieces being painted a vibrant blue. What are the odds!?









The first is a story about a sad little side table. It seemed like his former owners didn’t own any coasters. That’s just furniture abuse, people. For shame. Luckily, Regina saw this little guy in the clearance section, and knew she could turn his luck around. With a little blue paint and some snazzy decoupage, she turned this unassuming side table into a unique conversation piece.









And lucky for YOU she was willing to part with her creation to sell it at Mimi’s again! If you can’t resist that deep blue color and diamond details, this gem could be yours! Stop in to Mimi’s soon and get a glimpse of it before it’s gone.

photo 1shelvesafter








Our second story comes from our regular customers and neighbors Uniit and her son, Kii. Now, everybody loves a good bookshelf. That’s just a fact. But these folks are way too cool to settle for simple blonde wood. They primed, painted, and glazed these run of the mill shelves into original masterpieces! And we just love the way they contrast with the burnt orange walls. We love your style!

If you find something that Mimi’s that inspires you to up-cycle, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!





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We’re Ready for You, College Students!

It’s that time again when students come rushing back to Ithaca! Classes are starting up soon and it’s time to get those supplies you need to succeed: books, computers, writing utensils, backpacks, all of it. Just as important is a dorm or apartment to come back to after class. You need a space that is comfy, quiet, fun and, let’s face it, inexpensive! We’ve got you covered, students!

mimis women 1681

Come in and choose from many desks, tables, shelves, entertainment stands, rugs, bed frames, couches, carpets and more to make that dorm or apartment everything needed to stay ahead this year, all on that tight college budget. AND we buy furniture, housewares, and home decor too! Have some stuff you don’t need anymore? Some décor you’ve outgrown? Bring it in to sell and you can get store credit (or cash) to put towards your new stuff!

Make moving in simple with our delivery service at $50 anywhere in Tompkins county for all Mimi’s purchased pieces!

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