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Staff Pick: The Awesome Table


With the volume of items we see here at Mimi’s, it can start to feel like we’ve seen it all. And, the more we see, the harder it gets to really impress us. But this table, with its hearty wood and distressed yet vibrant paint, took our breath right away. It has that industrial old world charm that it’s simply impossible to find in new furniture. Sturdy as a rock and cute to boot, this table offers endless possibilities. We imagine it in a loft next to an exposed brick wall and flanked with vintage stools as a dining area. We imagine it in a living room distracting from the TV or family photos that might be displayed on it. It would be equally at home in the pantry of a country farmhouse, or the entryway of an eclectic apartment. Wherever it goes, it is sure to demand the immediate attention of your guests. If you love it as much as we do, you had better hurry in! It has been on our sales floor for less than a day and it’s already generated quite a bit of buzz. Ithacans know something special when the see it!!



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Before and After

Readers, this story has it all: love, loss, a surprise ending, and an antique pie safe!  You may remember seeing this piece on our sales floor or in our April Photo Album. It was overflowing with pastoral country charm and we were all a little smitten with it. But even cuter than the pie safe itself is the story of how it got to its new home.

PieSafeBefore 3

Newlyweds Jenn & Patrick just recently moved into a new place. We got to know them fairly well over the course of their move, as so often happens with our consignors. They brought batches of items from their old house to Mimi’s to sell and found some furniture and décor for their new place in the process. They even let us blog about the their DIY masterpieces (follow the links to view their other projects)! When they saw the pie safe, it was love, but they weren’t sure if they wanted to commit right away. They would eye it when they came through, pine for it, and leave it alone until the next visit.

Now, if you’re a regular in Mimi’s you know what happens when you don’t pounce on the item you want. More often than not, someone else will grab that perfect thing when you’re not looking. We hear it every day, “Oh! I should’ve gotten it when I had the chance!” It’s a lesson everyone learns the hard way.

Jenn knew what would happen if they waited too long on the pie safe so she stopped into Mimi’s alone and bought it. She told us she was bringing Patrick in later in the week and that we shouldn’t say anything to him about it. That weekend, she wandered around the store looking for it with him. “Maybe they just moved it”, she reassured him. What a good sneak! After they did a few laps and still couldn’t find it, Jenn let him sulk for a while. Then she finally took him into our back room where we keep the sold items and showed him that their names were on it. You clever, devil, you! What an excellent way to surprise your hubby.

photo 1 (1)photo 5








They took it home and got to work making it their own. They replaced the pressed board shelves with sturdy cedar planks to hold their Fiestaware collection. The marbled cedar grain makes the piece even more charming! And it was a super-simple switch, no gluing or nailing needed, they just lay in place. Nifty! They didn’t like the hole cut out of the front, but as luck would have it, we had a tiny stained glass piece at Mimi’s that was the perfect size to cover it. They just attached it with mirror fasteners and it brings that cute country pie safe to a whole new level.

PieSafeBefore 2photo 4








If YOU have a Mimi’s purchase that you transformed in some way, send us a before and after picture! We love to know how creative you are, and we give you $5 in store credit for sharing your story with us! Thanks again to Jenn and Patrick for sharing another inspirational idea.

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