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Ithacan Vacation Home Furnished Secondhand!

Today’s post goes out to all of you reading from out of town. Perhaps you’ve been looking longingly through our photo albums, bemoaning the distance between us. “If only I could take a trip to Ithaca,” you think, “I could see Mimi’s in person, hike some waterfalls, stroll the commons- wait, where would I stay?” We understand your anguish, dear readers, and we offer you a suggestion: Cascadilla House! This vacation rental home is nestled in Ithaca’s quaint Fall Creek Neighborhood, just a short walk from Mimi’s. Oh, AND it’s decorated with an eclectic mix of Mimi’s and other secondhand furnishings.

Cascadilla House 1

Erin Marteal, the owner of Cascadilla House, is a regular in Mimi’s and Mama Goose alike. About her preference for buying used she says, “I believe you can get much better quality, more unique, more stylish furnishing (and clothing for that matter) second hand than buying new. And it’s the pleasure of the hunt…” We couldn’t agree more!


 The funky blue lamp and boxy red side table pictured above are both Mimi’s finds. I love them paired together, you really have an eye for color, Erin!

IMG_2810This sturdy rustic side table was purchased at Mimi’s just weeks ago. Don’t fret that you missed it, we’ve got new items pouring in everyday!!

Cascadilla QuiltWe just adore the whimsy of this room. The spirals in the wall art are accented beautifully in this handmade quilt from Mimi’s. That pattern is mirrored again in this fun geometric area rug.

All of us here at Mimi’s are a little jealous of you out-of-towners. When are we going to get an excuse to stay in this adorable little place? I guess we’ll just have to learn from Erin’s example and make our own homes into second-hand art galleries! Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!!

Luckily for all of us, now is a perfect time to get started on that mission. From now until July 31st, the Get Your GreenBack Tompkins Campaign is hosting a Secondhand Shopping Treasure Hunt! Stop into participating stores (like Mimi’s and Mama Goose) and get a stamp on your treasure hunt card. When you get three stamps, you can enter to win gift cards from those stores! So get out and get hunting, Ithaca!

Secondhand Treasure Hunt



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WSKG Office with Second-Hand Flair!

When you first look at the new WSKG Ithaca office, you might wonder what decade you’re in. The unworn floors and modern technology are unmistakably new, but there is a certain charm that lingers here from the past. First of all, it’s located in the historic Clinton House of downtown Ithaca which was built in 1831. You only need to stand at the massive windows to feel the history and grandeur of the space. And the funky, nostalgic furnishings?  Those are part Mimi, part the ReUse Center, and part brainchild of WSKG’s Rebecca Potter.


Here we see the new WSKG office right before their recent ribbon cutting ceremony. The matching desks, vintage Steelcase chair on the far wall, and square table in the right corner are all from Mimi’s Attic!

Rebecca, an Underwriting Account Representative at WSKG, first came to us back in March looking for a unique and cohesive style for their new office space. Luckily, we had just the thing: matching 1950’s Steelcase tanker desks! These heavy-duty beauties are right at home in a bustling radio office. Built to last, they look practically new and will stay that way for decades to come. And these desks even came with a neat little bonus. That WSKG sign on the far wall was made from interoffice envelopes that were found in one of the desk drawers (remember interoffice envelopes?!). Rebecca arranged these relics from the past perfectly askew, traced the letters, and cut them out with an X-ACTO knife. She then assembled her masterpiece in a frame which she also got at Mimi’s. So clever! Congratulations on your reuse and creativity, Rebecca, and on your beautiful, new office!

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