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Before and After…

Dresser Before and AfterIf you’re a regular in Mimi’s Attic, you might be shocked that this item has found a new life so quickly. Purchased just last week, the couple who took it home wasted no time transforming it to fit their needs and decor. They painted this former dresser with a beautiful blue paint and distressed it with sand paper, and dark wax. We just love that shabby chic look! In need of an entertainment stand, they added a shelf to the open space to hold their electronics. What’s that supporting the shelves, you ask? Old chair legs! How clever! They painted them a rich orange to match the fun porcelian knobs they’d been saving for the right project. Dresser Before and After 2

What we love the most about this transformation is that this item is on it’s third life! When it came to us, it had already been salvaged once (you may remember it from our March Photo Album). The original consignors had discarded its broken drawers and painted it to be used as extra storage. And now it’s the most unique entertainment stand we’ve ever seen!

Great job, Jenn & Patrick! And thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us!! If you ever find that you don’t need it anymore, you know where to bring it! Who knows what future lives this piece still has in it…

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Before and After(s)

There must be something about that pinch of Spring in the air that get’s people’s creative energy stirring. This week we recieved emails from two different members of the Mama Goose/Mimi’s Attic family about items they purchased from us and made their own! The first is from Christine Uliassi, former Mimi’s Assistant Manager. She took this rather drab glass container and turned it into a beautiful little terrarium! We love how the stark angles of the glass contrast with the organic earthy scene inside. That spritely little plant now hangs out in her home with two little stone owl figures. Adorable! We can’t say for sure, but we think that’s probably great for her feng shui.

photo (1)photo








The second transformation comes form Mama Goose Manager, Emilee Tracy. She’s practically a connoisseur of Mid-Century style. When these awesome chairs came in, she just couldn’t resist… despite the fact that they matched nothing else in her home. She’s not the type to let that stop her. A heap of ambition and one can of spray paint later, they fit right in with her sleek white pedestal table. Snazzy!

photo 3 (1)photo 2






Emilee and Christine, thank you so much for sharing these awesome transformations! If any of YOU readers have a Mimi’s Before and After story, send it our way! We’ll give you $5 in store credit for being amazing and (hopefully) inspiring others with your brilliance!


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Staff Pick: Beautiful Oak Mantle

009Here at Mimi’s, we see more than our fair share of furniture items big and small, but it’s rare that we get an item of this grandeur. Measuring in at 5ft. wide and 7ft tall, this colonial mantel demands your attention. The rich, grainy oak could add just as much warmth to your home as the fire below! The broad mirror will make your space feel taller and more spacious. And sure, pictured above it reflects the dusty pipes of our ceiling, but can’t you just imagine it reflecting the smiling faces of your family? We’d love for you to stop on by and check it out!


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(Before And) After

02-16-13_111-1If you passed through Mimi’s in January, you might remember this Drexel Heritage dresser in its previous incarnation. It stood out for its bulbous bottom drawer and intricate hardware but the wood was rather dull and plain. One of our customers, Vicki, knew that with a little elbow grease, it would fit perfectly with her moroccan-inspired style. She sanded the whole piece down and painted the drawers black to match a bombay chest she already had. The wood grain still shows through which she thinks gives it a “rustic sleek look.” We couldn’t agree more! And it looks great with that amazing beaded lamp. We just love your style, Vicki!

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Staff Pick: Antique Draw Leaf Table

We’ve seen our fair share of enamel top tables come through Mimi’s, but none quite as wonderful as this one. Where other tables would settle for basic legs, this treasure has a curvaceous tressle style. The enamel top has a unique faux wood grain pattern, delicate pink flowers on each corner, and all over green trim. And, like all draw leaf styles, it removes the hassle of table leaves by hidding them right inside! They slide out from underneath for big dinners and tuck neatly away for everyday use. It’s antique charm simply cannot be denied. Welcome Spring into your home with this botanical beauty!

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