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Staff Pick: 70’s Collage Desk

What happens when history, fashion, humor, and art all collide with a jar of decoupage in a furniture store? This desk, that’s what. This groovy gem is literally covered with bits and pieces of 1970’s pop culture. Like Mimi’s Attic itself, you feel like you could explore it forever and never see all that it has to offer. Clever headlines, historical slogans, advertisements for products long-outdated, and of course, a giant koala bear, are all artfully preserved on its surface. In our humble opinions: It’s. Just. So. Cool. And the best part is it’s a really great, functional desk! It’s got built in bookshelves around the back, a slanted surface that would be great for writing or drawing, and storage underneath the lid. One of the sides is left uncovered which might lead you to think the artist gave up or ran out of ideas. We have a different theory, the fourth side was meant to be left blank so that you could fill it with your history. We may have priced it at $125, but its sentimental value is through the roof.

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Before and After

Local Artist and Mimi’s Attic aficionado Mara Baldwin has done it again. She saw this sad, empty lamp as an opportunity to display her colorful dinosaur collection! It’s such a clever way to show it off without taking up too much table space. If you read our interview with Mara, you won’t find this transformation surprising at all. It’s just one more example of her cozy “grandma-chic” flare. Keep the inspiration coming, Mara!

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