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Before and After

Yet another clever makeover from a Mimi’s customer!  Rachel purchased an empty picnic basket and immediately set to work fixing it up.

First, she lined the picnic basket with insulating metal wrapped bubble wrap to keep food cooler and protect a bottle of wine.

Then she broke apart a second basket from Mimi’s to use each compartment separately.

She lined the smaller basket with fabric to transport silverware safely and added plastic cups and plates, also from Mimi’s, to complete the set.  The basket had its first outing at a free concert on the Arts Quad at Cornell and was packed with turkey, brie, tomatoes, wine, and a fresh loaf of bread from Wide Awake Bakery.  Sounds like a great success!

Remember, if you share a Before and After picture of Mimi’s merchandise with us, you’ll receive $5 in store credit, so come in today and let your creativity shine!

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