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Before & After

Our talented customer, Marion (AKA”up-cycler” and baker), just emailed us this colorful photo. She purchased a gold candelabra from Mimi’s a few weeks ago, and painted it white. Now it holds her delicious creations! She also thought it would be pretty with mini ramekins filled with sweets like mints and nuts, or savories like olives and pappadews…or even as a jewelry display using the same ramekins….OR…as a candelabra! Thanks for your innovative ideas, Marion!

To all our creative customers: Come treasure hunting soon and email us pictures of your Mimi’s transformations!

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Week of March 11th, 2012

Nowadays when a person uses the term “swag” they are referring to confidence, style, and presence. This week’s pick is a vintage cut glass plug in light. Or a what is commonly called a “swag light”. We’d like to think that the addition of this light to a room would be anything but common, but rather the definition of today’s terminology of the word. So take it home, plug it in, and turn on the Swag.

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Staff Pick

Week of March 4th, 2012

Check out these smart little bins! Imagine the storage and organization possibilities these mountable bins would have in a closet pantry, a child’s room, or even your garage. Stop into Mimi’s and for affordable, creative, and functional storage solutions.

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Oh the Possibilities…..

Spruce up wooden spoons and your kitchen at the same time with this easy DIY. Using a little tape, bright colored craft paint and high gloss (food safe) shellac, you can create a bouquet of faux enamel handled spoons! Mimi’s serves up wooden utensils starting at $1.

visit: house of earnest for more info

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