Staff Pick: The Awesome Table


With the volume of items we see here at Mimi’s, it can start to feel like we’ve seen it all. And, the more we see, the harder it gets to really impress us. But this table, with its hearty wood and distressed yet vibrant paint, took our breath right away. It has that industrial old world charm that it’s simply impossible to find in new furniture. Sturdy as a rock and cute to boot, this table offers endless possibilities. We imagine it in a loft next to an exposed brick wall and flanked with vintage stools as a dining area. We imagine it in a living room distracting from the TV or family photos that might be displayed on it. It would be equally at home in the pantry of a country farmhouse, or the entryway of an eclectic apartment. Wherever it goes, it is sure to demand the immediate attention of your guests. If you love it as much as we do, you had better hurry in! It has been on our sales floor for less than a day and it’s already generated quite a bit of buzz. Ithacans know something special when the see it!!



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