Decluttering this spring?

We know spring is a time that makes many of us want to shake things up a bit (literally, we mean it – time to shake those rugs!). As you get cleaning and shifting things around, you may come across furniture, housewares or home decor that no longer meet your needs. This is where we come in! Please feel free to walk in with your items 7 days/week, or contact us with any questions.  Read more HERE on our “How it Works” page.

In the meantime, if you don’t do any spring cleaning at all and simply choose to take a stroll in the sunshine, consider strolling on in to browse or shop … there’s always something “new” at Mimi’s!

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We will close at 5pm today (Wed. March 15th)

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The “Earth” without “art” is just “eh.”

Gallery night was a great success here at Mimi’s! Our four staff artists brought their best work to showcase and each collection had a distinct style. There was so much to look at! Thank you to Wide Awake Bakery and Good Life Farm- the bread and cider were the perfect addition to our evening. Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night, we hope to do it again next year!

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Staff artists at Gallery Night!



Come and see a whole other side of the Mimi’s Attic and Mama Goose crew!

We will be open until 8pm Friday, March 3rd to join in the city-wide Gallery Night festivities. Our event is extra special because we will be showing art from four of our talented staff members.

Plus, two of our favorite local vendors, Good Life Farm and Wide Awake Bakery will be joining us! Both vendors will have free samples as well as (non-alcoholic and hard) cider and bread to purchase! The party will be going on from 5-8pm.

Join our Facebook event and check out all the other galleries in Ithaca.

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Discover Ithaca’s coupon book!

Have you ever wondered what these purple books are all about? Here at Mimi’s we sell “The Guide to Being Local” because we think it’s a GREAT resource!

The first half of the book is full of coupons for places that Ithacans love – like Greenstar, Rasa Spa, Ithaca Bakery, and of course Mimi’s Attic. The second half is full of photos and stories about our unique local businesses. The book is perfect for the Ithaca native who does their shopping here anyway, or for newcomers just starting to explore our wonderful town.

go green, sustainable, ithaca ny, finger lakes, shop local, coupons

All the businesses featured in the book are local and independently owned- meaning that you are supporting people you know, and keeping money in our community. The guide offers coupons to help you save thousands of dollars – and for only $15 this book pays for itself! Keep it somewhere handy so that you can grab a coupon every time you head out to shop. If you buy your copy at Mimi’s, you can use the $5 coupon in your next transaction!

shop local, ithaca ny, ithaca is gorges, local economyThe guide is produced by Local First Ithaca. Check out the website to learn more about their efforts to create a successful local economy.





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A Mimi’s Celebration (Part II)

Here’s a post we’ve been waiting to share with you since October! Our lovely sales associate Heather Speaker married her boyfriend Matteo Calla last year and decided to make use of some of the perfect pieces that come into Mimi’s Attic every day. Their reception was held at “Gratitude and Grace,” a barn venue 15 minutes outside of Ithaca. The decor was a beautiful combination of rustic and regal – and serves as great inspiration for anyone planning a wedding or party!

The wedding featured a lot of gold, highlighted by jewel tones like deep red and blue. The couple used vintage pieces and fresh blooms to tie the rustic/regal vibe all together. The lace, gold, and burgundy table cloths came from Mimi’s, as well as the ring box. The ceramic box looks like it was made for Heather’s color scheme; deep blue with intricate gold detailing. All flowers were supplied by “Plenty of Posies,” a favorite of ours at Mimi’s.

Over the course of the year before the wedding Heather collected vintage gilded and white ornate frames from Mimi’s – each no more than $9 a piece. She used them to make chalkboard-style signs for the dinner menu, welcome sign, cocktail list, and more. She also found an intricately-detailed easel stand to hold the welcome sign, which she adorned with flowers.

The bride employed some small white shutters from Mimi’s as a DIY escort card display. The cards fit perfectly in the tiny slots and the vignette is complete with a lace runner and a re-purposed frame from the store. We have all the little details here at Mimi’s to make your theme feel pulled-together, no matter what style wedding you are planning.

“I feel like my wedding looked like no other, because I collected or made the decor myself. By using secondhand items, someone’s throwaways become your most unique treasures.” – Heather

Shopping at Mimi’s allowed Heather to get beautiful decorations for half the price of most retail options and to curate an ambiance for her specific style. Congrats to the happy couple, we’re so glad to have you as part of the Mimi family!

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Enjoy 50% off our pick-up fee in January

After a long day chasing those New Year’s goals you should come back to a dwelling that allows you to recharge. Sell us last year’s decor and make room for new pieces to inspire you all year long!

Enjoy 50% off our pick-up fee when you schedule a pick-up for January 14, 21 & 28.

Because our pick-up schedule fills up fast, we recommend contacting us as soon as you can to show us pictures of the items you would like to consign. This promotion is first come, first-served!

Pick-up fees are determined by management and based on the size and difficulty of the job. Here’s a chart to give you an idea of your potential savings:

mimi table

Promotion does not apply to previously scheduled pick-ups.

Our friendly delivery people are here to safely deliver your furniture to us.

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The Story of Mimi and the Mimi Photos!

Look who came to visit- the baby in the photo!

Did you know that Mimi was a real person? The large photos displayed around Mimi’s Attic are all prints of original photos of Mimi in various stages of her life. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Mimi’s daughter, Jeanne Ditzler, came to visit and we snapped this photo of four generations of Mimi: Mimi herself, the baby in the photo (Jeanne), Kelly Moreland (the Owner of Mimi’s Attic) and Geneva Moreland (Mimi’s great grandaughter)!


The photo we like to call “Breakfast with Mimi”!


A couple of interesting facts about the photos – most of the photos where taken by Mimi’s husband (Charles L. Hinkel) who enjoyed photography as a hobby. You’ll notice that a couple of the photos were taken with a tripod and an auto-timer and include Charles in the photo.




Ahh… domestic bliss around the fire.

When owner, Kelly Moreland, decided to use these family photos as decor in Mimi’s Attic she needed to do it in a budget-friendly way, so she conferred with creative-thinkers Matteo (@mouselink on Twitter and Instagram) and Phoebe Wyllyamaz. The couple came up with a great plan that meant not having to make large color copy signs. Instead, they suggested that she make black and white copies on regular paper and then rub the paper with coffee grounds to give them the same sepia-tones as the original photos. The paper images where then mounted to plywood with wallpaper paste. We think this approach worked fabulously and the signs have held up well since 2010!

The serendipitous  “four generations of Mimi” photo taken at Thanksgiving was really fun for us to see and share. It also reminded us that some of you may enjoy reading more about Mimi, so we are re-posting her story below.

Who is Mimi?

Mimi was the grandmother of Kelly Moreland, the owner of Mimi’s Attic. Mimi’s real name was Ethel Hinkel, but all of her grandchildren called her “Mimi”. She made her first home as an adult in a small, newlywed apartment in Brooklyn in which she took great pride. She later moved with her five children to a farm house while her husband served in World War II and then finally settled into her long-time home in the downtown of Danville, Pennsylvania. Widowed at a young age, Mimi spent most of her adult life as a single parent, a full-time school teacher of French and English, and matriarch to many.


Mimi’s silver pitcher that Kelly uses in her home today!

Everything in Mimi’s house was pretty, especially from the eyes of a little girl: copper roosters on the walls of the kitchen, well-stocked vanities in the bedrooms, matching bedspreads, pewter figurines, cast iron doorstops, roll-top desks and happy plants in every room.  Probably most impressive to Kelly in her youth was the large, mahogany dining room table with lion’s feet.  At this table Mimi hosted many dinners. They began with a leisurely “cocktail hour” and ended with blueberries and milk or sherbet and chocolate syrup.  The children were in charge of filling the silver pitcher with ice water and “crumbing” the linen tablecloth after dinner.


Mimi loved yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets – and she passed down this passion to her children and grandchildren. Some of her favorite things to seek out were antique tools and silver. She appreciated quality and style, and, like so many of us, enjoyed plucking out items of distinction. This is why we think Mimi would have loved shopping and trading at her namesake – Mimi’s Attic.


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Before and After: Upcycled Ottomans

These ottomans went from boring and blah to fun and fabulous! Long-time consignor, Anne, has a great eye for picking fabrics that look fresh and cheerful. I could keep raving, but I think the pictures say it all.













Get inspired to upcycle your own pieces or stop in and pick up a piece that Anne has already done for you!













Need some great fabric to get the job done? Check out Sew Green in Ithaca for affordable options. Their stuff is all recycled and secondhand – good for your wallet AND good for Mother Earth.

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Ithaca is Giving!

Our fourth annual West End Weekend was a huge success!

food drive, red cross, giving tuesday ithacaWe want to say thank you to all our customers for coming out and donating canned goods for the Ithaca Rescue Mission. We also want to say thank you to all the neighboring businesses that donated prizes for our raffle. What a wonderful place we live in.

Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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