How it Works

We do our best to make selling your items simple and fun! You are welcome to walk in with one item to sell or a truck full. You can bring items to sell 7 days a week. We stop buying one hour before closing each day. You are free to “drop and run,” leaving your items for us to consider and picking up leftovers another day. If you’re bringing in large pieces of furniture, we recommend coming to our back entrance off of Seneca St. where we have a large parking lot and unloading area.

We encourage you to send pictures of your items ahead of time. Please email them to We will let you know if we think we have a market for your item(s). Final intake decisions are made on site when buyers can see the items in person.

What to Sell:

We carry furniture, housewares, and home decor. When deciding what to take in, we consider style, function, condition, and how well we think the items will sell in our market.

Some of Our Best Sellers:

Bookshelves, cubbies, dressers, sets of dining chairs, kitchen islands, matching bedside tables, wooden desks, wood-framed futons, and anything Stickley, mission-style, industrial-chic, mid-century modern, or by popular brands such as Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc.

We Do Not Take:sell and consign vintage antique modern

Home electronics, exercise equipment, pet supplies, mattresses, items that require hard-wiring, construction material, or collectible figures.

For more information, just ask! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about selling via phone, email, or in person. You can also pick up a copy of our Selling Pamphlet (pictured at right) next time you’re in the store.

Pricing & Payment:

Most of our furniture, kitchen appliances, and items priced over $15 are on consignment. This means the seller is paid after their items sell. Our consignment period is 60 days. If we choose to consign, our buyers will work with you to find a selling price that feels right to you and will work in our market. You will receive 50% of the selling price in cash after your item(s) sell, or 60% in store credit. Consigned items are marked down 20% after 30 days.

Smaller items, like most of our kitchenware and home decor, are usually bought outright. This means we pay you when we process your buy. You make 35% of what we expect to sell the items for in cash, or 45% in store credit. You will receive payment the same day if buyers are available to process your items.

Pick Up Service:

Mimi’s pick up and delivery services run on Saturdays. Fees start at $50 in the Ithaca area and increase with job difficulty and distance from Ithaca. If you’d like to schedule a pick up, please call us at (607) 882-9038 or email us with pictures of the items you need help with.

Home visit services are also available for estates and large quantities. Ask for details.

Note: Items that arrive at Mimi’s disassembled are subject to assembly/repair fees at the rate of $20/hr billed in 15 minute increments. Please discuss assembly requirements with the buyers and/or delivery person.

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