Bringing a Rhino Safely Indoors: A How-To Guide

When we first received these rhinoceros planters from Chive, we loaded them up with gorgeous summer succulents from our friends at Plenty of Posies. These succulents are hearty and hard to kill, but let’s face it – not all of us have a green thumb. So we started to think, how else could we decorate with these ceramics fellas?

Make Your Centerpiece Wild!

We’d put good money on the fact that you’ve never invited a rhino to your dinner table, but it might just be the guest your meal has been missing. Cherry-pick your favorite fresh, dry or silk blooms and arrange them thoughtfully to brighten up your holiday table – set here with placemats, napkins, plates, napkins rings, and champagne flutes (all available in Mimi’s Attic). The small scale of the centerpieces insures you will always be able to pass the gravy to Grandma without having to reach around an arrangement.

Neatly Nested Napkins

A less formal gathering might see friends and family lining up in the kitchen, buffet-style. Roll up your cloth napkins (like this adorable set of cat napkins, scored in the linen section of the Attic) and pop them into your rhino planter for a fun presentation to get guests talking. You can also use it to present flatware or serving utensils like tongs, spoons, or carving forks. Only serving cocktails? The rhino presents a great opportunity to display a variety of frill picks, garnishes, and herbs to bring some glam to your glass.

Scrub-a-Dub Dub, A Rhino in the… Sink?

A sure sign of a successful dinner party? A sink full of dishes. Thanks to the recessed drainage in the rhino’s feet, these planters make the perfect scrub and sponge storage for the sink area. We’ve stacked some of our staff-favorite Skoy scrubs (pack of 2 for $6.49) inside for cute and easy access to make kitchen cleanup a snap. When you’re done with these compostable wonders, just slide them back into the rhinoceros where any residual moisture can drain right back into the sink!

Wash the Day Away

The last guest is gone, and you’re ready to crash. Before you dive into a comfy bed, take a minute to add a new step to your nighttime ritual – lathering up with one of our natural soap bars ($1.75 a bar), packed with vitamins and essential oils. Grab your Rosemary Lavender at night to ease you into a restful sleep. And when you wake up renewed, grab a YlangYlang Orange bar to excite your senses and get you back on your grind. And when you’re done? Back into the rhino they go.

These Chive Rhinoceros planters are available in white, pink, and green-blue. Regularly priced at $23, they’re now on sale for 20% off. Cement your place as the best gift giver in the family; your secret santa will thank you!

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